Working here provides me with a challenge from a technical aspect and organization behavior level.
—Satyo's PatientPoint of View

Data and Tech careers

 	PatientPoint employee riding a children's bicycle in an office.

PatientPoint is the largest point-of-care digital signage network in the United States. Our technology truly makes a difference in people's lives. We indirectly support patients through proven technologies, IT practices and a security-based approach in everything we do. You'll solve issues relating to software, hardware, operations and all of these combined to improve lives and help the company evolve.

What's In It For You?

Share ideas and receive support and feedback from curious, mission-driven teammates.

Enjoy a collaborative environment driven by autonomy and the quest for knowledge.

Focus on innovation with purpose, using your skills to educate healthcare providers and patients through our digital solutions.

Work with industry leaders like AWS, Salesforce, Cisco, Atlassian and more.

Experience excellent work-life balance with accommodating work schedules.

Have the opportunity to work with advanced tools such as AWS IoT, Java 17, Kafka and streaming analytics, Kotlin and more.

Key Data & Tech Functions

  • Software Engineers

  • Salesforce Engineers/Developers

  • Product & Project Managers

  • Infrastructure & IT

  • Data & Analytics

 	PatientPoint employee, Kimberly, Senior Data Scientist
PatientPoint is a collaborative, diverse and genius-oriented organization where you're encouraged to bring your whole self to work. My personal and professional selves are welcome in an inclusive environment.
Kimberly, Senior Data Scientist
 	PatientPoint employee, Jacob, Technical Support Specialist
My team is made up of the most positive people I've ever worked with. My talents are praised and put to good use, and leadership fully supports my career goals.
Jacob, Technical Support Specialist
 	PatientPoint employee, Arlin, Software Engineer
PatientPoint's people-first approach means employees are treated like humans–we stay connected and feel like a family. We don't do releases on weekends, and when we take time off, we aren't expected to keep a phone nearby.
Arlin, Software Engineer